wynterhawk (wynterhawk) wrote in temple_delirium,

It's Aragorn Day


Enjoy! If you like, take, want, please leave a comment and credit "wynterhawk" when you use. Thank you kindly.

Sample :

a.b. c.

d.e. f.

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Oh, nona. These are beautiful.

He's my favorite and you capture him perfectly. Thank you, sweetie. :)
Ooo. thanks so much dear :)
Ahhhh! Oooooh! So pretty. I will definitely be using B or E when the Aragorn love hits me full force again when ROTK extended edition comes out on DVD.

Deleted comment

You can have whichever one you want. It's yours :)
sweet! I can't wait until it comes out too. Although... only a glimpse of Boromir in it makes me sad *pouts*
E made me choke on my coffee and almost spit it out on my monitor! Whee!! Love Strider. They are all great, can't decide which one I want :) Will credit.
Aww! you're so sweet. thank you kindly :)
You're welcome.

Technical question: what file type are these? I can only save them as .art files, which then won't work as an icon. I think there's something wrong with my computer (again) =P
they're all .gifs

Hope nothing's wrongs with your computer!