wynterhawk (wynterhawk) wrote in temple_delirium,

More Icons!

Comments and credit much appreciated! Enjoy! But NO HOTLINKING! Bandwidth is hard to maintain. THANK YOU.


a. b. c.

d. e. f.
(yes, d, e and f are different *winks*)

g. h. i.


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What are those last two pics from? I've never seen them before.

Oh um, they're are completely non LOTR. I should make that clear :) It's from a movie "Bravo Two Zero".
good icons!

~lotr freak
oh, thank you so much :)
snicked b and c.
wonderful icons:)
enjoy! :) thank you.
oh i <3 them all but i was smitten w/J. therefore i'm stealing. will credit! ^_^
Much appreciated!
That movie was pretty good but it got pretty ugly. My sister couldn't finish the rest of the torture scene, after they started pulling his teeth. "See? A foreskin..." Ouch. >_<

Anyhow, I took e. Great work :)
Thank you so much :)
Took all of the Boromir's. Will credit when use.
Boromir is love :) Thank you.
snagged a,b,c. Thank you!
*tents fingers Mr Burns style* excellent :)
Legolas is beautiful. :-) Great icons!
Legolas is beautiful, isn't he :) And, thank you!
All gone :(
I know. Bandwidth has been sucked dry. I've moved the icons, so you can see them now :)
I've taken a copy of F, thank you! and Happy New Year!
Thank you, hon. You too :)